Honors Seminars

What are Honors Seminars?

Honors seminars are one- or two-credit courses addressing current topics of interest to Honors students. With enrollment generally limited to 17 students, seminars promote a crucial atmosphere of intellectual exchange and a high level of student involvement in learning. Both tenure-eligible and non-tenure eligible faculty, as well as professional staff and graduate students with some teaching experience, are welcome to propose seminars. Please download our Honors Seminar Proposal Guidelines.

Proposing Honors Seminars

Instructors who wish to propose a seminar for a future semester should download, fill out, and submit an Honors Seminar Proposal Form (proposals are due Week 4 of the semester prior to the semester of offering). For examples of seminars, see previous seminar offerings.

If you would like to know more about Honors seminars, contact the Honors Program Faculty Director at (515) 294-4372.