FHP Curriculum

Honors 121 - The First-Year Honors Seminar

The First-Year Honors Seminar is an orientation-information-discussion class led by a team of two upper-level Honors students and designed to help you get to know the University, the Honors Program, and other Honors students. Each section has 10-12 First-Year Honors Program students and meets in the Jischke Honors Building for one hour, twice a week during fall semester.  You will tour selected sites on campus, hear guest lecturers, and discuss educational issues. You will also plan your next several semesters of study according to your personal and educational goals.  There is a one-time $60.00 fee to defray the expenses associated with the FHP seminar.

English 250H - English Composition

The Honors sections of First-Year English (English 250H) emphasize critical reading and writing, as well as oral, visual, and electronic communication. Students write papers and complete other projects based on a general topic selected by the instructor of each section. Each Honors section is limited to 25 students. The small class size allows students to receive individual help from the instructor and also promotes interaction between the class and the instructor. If you earn a C or better in English 250H, you will have satisfied the University's First-Year English requirement.

If you earned credit for a course equivalent to English 250 prior to entering Iowa State, you will be asked to enroll in a different Honors course or an Honors seminar so you have an Honors learning experience in your first semester.

Library 160 - Library Information

Lib 160 is a one credit university course taught by faculty librarians & library staff and required for all undergraduate students. The course examines the use of research libraries and information resources, with an emphasis on finding, evaluating, and using scholarly information. The Honors section of Lib 160 is 1/2 semester in length. More information can be found on the ISU Library website.