UHP Membership Privileges, Policies & Responsibilities
with Honors

Good Standing

You maintain your membership in Honors by being in “Good Standing,” which means that you have a GPA of 3.5 or above and are demonstrating regular progress toward your fulfilling your College Honors Requirements: Honors courses, seminars and other curriculum components, your Program of Study, Honors Project proposal and presentation. Students whose GPA falls below this minimum are given a semester’s probation to improve their academic standing sufficiently to retain their Honors program membership.

Pass/Not Pass Policy for Honors Students

As an Honors student, you may not take any course Pass/Not Pass unless you have received approval in advance from your college's Honors committee. (Pass/Not Pass is not the same as Satisfactory/Fail, you can read about it here).

Privileges of Membership

  • 24-hour Access to Jischke Honors Building: Your ISU Card is coded to give you have access to the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jischke is a great place to study or just meet friends. It has a lounge, computer lab, kitchenette and several classrooms.
  • Priority Registration: UHP Members are able to register for classes on the first day of registration for the classification ahead of their projected status, i.e., if you are a “projected sophomore,” you will register on the first day for projected juniors. (This does not apply to FHP members).
  • Higher Credit Limit: UHP Members can register for up to 21 credits per semester without receiving special permission.
  • Expanded Library Privileges: UHP Members can check out books for the entire academic year.
  • Jischke Computer Lab & Printing Credit: You have 24-hour access to the Jischke computer lab and additional printing credits.
  • The Honors Community Involvement and Leadership
  • Membership in Honors Student Board (HSB)
  • Eligibility for Honors Housing