About Honors

The University Honors Program aims to enrich the academic experience of high-ability undergraduates, offering numerous educational and intellectual opportunities and challenges. Honors students can pursue a broad liberal education, create an individualized program of study, take appropriate graduate-level courses, and become involved in research.

There are currently 1,400 student members of the University Honors Program, and more than 4,000 alumni are graduates of the program. Current students and alumni alike share the view that, in addition to providing academic enrichment, the Honors Program helped them grow as leaders and informed citizens, as well as in personal growth and career satisfaction.

Honors graduates receive a special notation on their diplomas and transcripts. However, Honors is less interested in resume-building than in challenging motivated students through exposure to the best and widest spectrum of courses and faculty that Iowa State offers.

The program is housed in the Jischke Honors Building, which features a computer lab, lounge, kitchenette, several classrooms, wireless internet, and office space. Jischke provides a spacious center for studying, lounging and team activities, offering 24-hour access to Honors students.