Jischke Honors Building Forms

  • The Jischke Honors Building is a university building. Thus, rules that apply to university buildings apply to the Jischke Honors Building. The Director of the Honors Program is designated by the Provost’s Offices as the building supervisor for the Jischke Honors Building and is therefore responsible for enduring that (1) the safety of the occupants is the utmost consideration and (2) the building policies are followed and. The primary use of the building is to conduct business for the University Honors Program and other related Programs, e.g. the National Merit/Achievement Program. This includes serving as a classroom for Honors seminars (HON 121 and Hon 321/322), a meeting place for Honors committees and the Honors Student Board. Honors students and the public have the privilege of using the building to study and socialize as long as they do not interfere with the conducting of business or the teaching of classes. Honors students have the privilege of accessing the building outside of regular business hours as long as they do not interfere with the conducting of business or the teaching of classes.


Room Reservation Form (doc)


  • Individuals or groups wishing to use the Honors Building must complete a room reservation request form and return it to Suzanne Wirth, 2130 Jischke Honors Building. The contact person will be notified by email regarding approval or denial of the request.
    • Activities and meetings, other than Honors members/staff, seminars or courses, are generally only approved for each organization/program once a semester.
  • When the Honors Office has approved your event, we will schedule the building to be unlocked and then locked back up after the scheduled event.  
  • There is media equipment available in Rooms 1113, 1151, 1155. Available equipment includes DVD, overhead projector, projector and screen, computer and audio system.  Groups need to provide their own computer. Instructions on how to use the equipment are in the rooms.
  • Food and drink will be permitted only in the kitchen area and in Room 1113. Serving of food in other rooms requires approval from the Honors Program. If requesting food in rooms other than the kitchen or Room 1113, please attach a written request to the reservation form. The group is responsible for clean up.
  • Groups will be held responsible for the actions of their guests. If there are any damages to the facilities, the group will be held responsible for the expenses for repair or clean up. When using this facility, the group is responsible for the hallways, entrance and exit areas, bathrooms, windows, and doors of the building.
  • There is NO smoking in the Jischke Honors Building.
  • In case of an emergency you should call 911 from any campus phone. If you are using a cell phone, please call 294-4428.