Honors Requirements:

All colleges have these requirements in common:

  • You should plan to take at least two Honors courses and two Honors seminars during your time at ISU. 
  • You may apply to your college’s Honors Program if you have at least 48 credits remaining before graduation. On a standard four-year program, this generally means that applications must be submitted no later than the fall of your junior year.
  • You need to submit a Program of Study to the chair of your college’s Honors Committee (see resource list below), typically at the end of sophomore/beginning of junior year.
  • You need to complete an Honors Project; project forms are typically due at the beginning of your senior year (two semesters before graduation). Most colleges require students register for a minimum number of research credits.


Honors Timeline:

First Year

Fall semester:

Spring semester:

Completing the Degree Program Assignment for your First-Year HON 121 seminar does not complete the application process for admission to your College Honors Program.

You must submit a Letter of Intent.

Second Year

Fall semester:

  • Attend your College Honors Program orientation/information session

Spring semester:

  • Attend your College Honors Program orientation/information session if you have not already done so
  • Meet with your College's Honors advisor and submit your Program of Study
  • Begin brainstorming your Honors Project & identify a faculty mentor
  • Prepare to apply for nationally competitive awards (fellowships / scholarships)

Third Year

Fall semester:

  • Meet with faculty/your advisor to submit your Project Proposal (recommended)

Spring semester:

Fourth Year

  • Last chance to submit Honors Project Proposal & complete Project
  • Present your project: Poster Presentation, Research Symposium, Research in the Capitol, National Conferences
  • Apply for nationally competitive awards (fellowships/scholarships) & graduate school/jobs
  • Finish remaining Honors requirements and GRADUATE with HONORS!