Meet the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Honors Peer Advisers

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Honors Peer Advisers help guide and support students with common questions and challenges related to completing requirements for the University Honors Program: courses, seminars, program of study, honors project, etc.

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Who should apply to become an Honors Peer Adviser?

  • 3rd or 4th year Honors students in good standing
  • Students looking to gain advising and leadership experience
  • Students who enjoy helping others and are interested in working with current Honors students

What do Peer Advisers do?

  • Volunteer time commitment of an estimated 10-15 hours per semester
  • Attend team meetings throughout the school year
  • Peer Advisers will be assigned a group of upper division Honors students from their college (and from a related discipline as possible) with the objectives of supporting students in completing Honors requirements and building connections amongst Honors students with similar academic interests
  • Peer Advisers are tasked with the following:
    • Attending your college’s Honors orientation to introduce yourself to the group
    • Sharing your email address and/or creating a discussion board where students can connect with you (and each other) to ask any Honors-related questions
    • Attending various Honors events related to upper division requirements, deadlines, networking, etc.
    • Communicating with your group about upcoming deadlines and providing support/advice about completing Honors requirements
    • Maintaining regular contact with Honors staff about any questions/concerns

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