Program of Study

UHP members make the most of their academic experience by designing an individualized program of study (POS). That is, Honors students define their educational and career goals and develop a set of courses and out-of-class experiences (for example, study abroad) that help them achieve those goals. The POS documents the challenge and rigor of their studies in addition to fulfillment of university, college, and major requirements.

Since Honors stresses individuality and flexibility, no two students’ programs will be identical. Accordingly, students – in consultation with their advisers – may be creative in designing their POS. The Honors committee of the student’s college is responsible for approving the POS. These committees evaluate the POS for depth, breadth, and incorporation of Honors requirements – sometimes called Honors character – and allow deviations from requirements (for example, taking a higher-level course without prerequisite) when they are relevant to a student’s educational plans and meet accepted standards.


Visit the links below to read more about the details of the POS process in your college.