University Honors Program (UHP)

Spring 2017 Honors Convocation

The University Honors Program (UHP), to which any qualified undergraduate may apply, emphasizes the development of an enriched, individualized program of study that meets each student’s needs, interests, and abilities. Students who graduate with Honors attend a convocation each spring where they receive a medal and certificate and are recognized for their achievements.

The UHP aims to provide:

  • An intellectually stimulating environment for high-ability, high-achieving students.
  • Ways for excellent students to make the most of their college experience by achieving a degree of breadth and depth not always available to undergraduates.
  • Opportunities for interaction between faculty and students through courses and seminars, undergraduate research experiences, and mentoring.

Membership Privileges

  • 24-hour Access to Jischke Honors Building: ISU Cards are coded to give access to the Honors building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jischke is a great place to study or just meet friends. It has a lounge, computer lab, kitchenette and several classrooms.
  • Priority Registration: UHP Members are able to register for classes on the first day of registration for the classification ahead of their projected status (i.e., if you are a “projected sophomore,” you will register on the first day for projected juniors). 
    • FHP members will be able to register for their spring semester classes on the first day of sophomore registration. If the number of credits you have earned places you in a higher classification, your registration time will correspond to that classification. In other words, if your credits as an FHP student earn you junior status, you will be assigned a registration time during the period of junior registration.
  • Higher Credit Limit: Honors Members can register for up to 21 credits per semester without receiving special permission.
  • Expanded Library Privileges: UHP Members can check out books for the entire academic year instead of two weeks.
  • Jischke Printers & Printing Credit: You have 24-hour access to the Jischke printers.
  • Honors Community Involvement and Leadership
  • Membership in Honors Student Board (HSB)
  • Eligibility for Honors Housing

Membership Requirements

  • If you were a member of FHP throughout your first year of enrollment. To advance to the University Honors Program (UHP), you will need to meet the membership criteria and turn in your Letter of Intent.
  • You maintain your membership in Honors by being in Good Standing, which means that you have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and are demonstrating regular progress toward your fulfilling your College Honors Requirements: honors courses, seminars and other curriculum components, your program of study, honors project proposal and presentation. Students whose GPA falls below this minimum are given a semester’s probation to improve their academic standing sufficiently to retain their Honors program membership.
  • Courses taken to fulfill Honors requirements (including 300+ level credit requirements) may not be taken Pass/Not Pass or Satisfactory/Fail

Note: Pass/Not Pass is not the same as Satisfactory/Fail, you can read about it here.