Faculty & Advisers

University Honors Programs perform several functions. They help attract and retain the University’s best and brightest students and they offer an exceptional undergraduate education through classes and seminars, close interaction with faculty and professional staff on campus, and research opportunities, in addition to social and residence-based activities. Many faculty consider teaching Honors students to be a highlight of their work. While most of the rewards for teaching Honors students are intrinsic, the energy and enthusiasm that result – on the part of both students and faculty – can enhance and rejuvenate faculty work both in and outside the classroom.

Here are some ways faculty can become involved in Honors:

Every major has minimum requirements for graduation. This minimum is one achievable by the “average” student. We believe Honors students are well above average, able to develop challenging and interesting paths to graduation, and to take advantage of the flexibility membership in the Honors program provides.

Academic advisers play an important role in Honors, assisting students in planning their Programs of Study, encouraging them to have a deeper engagement in their education at Iowa State, and guiding them to the courses, people, and experiences that will help them achieve their academic goals. Advising Honors students involves additional advising processes, but we hope these lead to rewarding conversations and mentoring relationships. Many advisers consider working with Honors students to be a highlight of their work.

Here is some information for Academic Advisers who support Honors: 

Faculty Talk with Students

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