Honors Seminars

Honors Seminars are one- or two-credit special topic classes offered only to Honors students. With enrollment generally limited to 17 students, these seminars promote a crucial atmosphere of intellectual exchange and a high level of student involvement in learning.

All Honors students will take seminars as part of their requirements to graduate with Honors; the number and timing of your seminar requirements is determined by your College Honors Requirements.

Honors Seminar Registration

Registering for Honors Seminars is different than registering for your other classes:

  • You register for Honors seminars after you register for other courses each semester, and the “start date” for Honors Seminar registration is the same for all Honors members.
  • Reference numbers for the seminars will be posted on the Honors program website 1-3 days before the seminar registration start date.
  • You use AccessPlus to register for a seminar, just as you do for regular courses. The computer tracks all student requests, creating a waiting list for seminars that are full. Honors staff will contact those on the waiting list if openings become available.
  • To give access to as many Honors members as possible, you (a) may register for no more than two seminars per semester, and (b) may not attempt to register before the designated start date and time. Students who attempt to register before the start date will be skipped over on the waitlist for the course.

Honors Seminar Listings by Term

Schechtman in Seminar
Dan Shechtman, Nobel Laureate and ISU Distinguished Professor in Material Science & Engineering, meets with an Honors Seminar