Poster Presentation

All students graduating in Honors present their capstone projects at an Honors Poster Presentation event. Poster presentations are held each semester, and the spring event is held together with the Honors Convocation event. Many present during their senior year, but students are encouraged to present earlier if their Honors Project has been completed.

When you are ready to present your Project, you need to complete a poster registration form to let the Honors Program know you plan to present as well as your presentation needs. Presentation guidelines and helpful hints can be found in the presentation guidelines document. The university has a branded research poster template that you may choose to use (particularly if you plan to take the poster for presentation outside of Iowa State). 

You will also need to complete and submit an electronic copy of the Project Abstract Acknowledgement Form, signed by your project adviser to Katie Flannery.

Prior to graduation, all Honors students must also submit a Post Graduation Form.

Spring 2020 Poster Presentation 
Memorial Union, Great Hall 
April 29, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

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