Advising Roles & Resources
with Honors

Advisers talking at Honors Event

Every major has minimum requirements for graduation.  This minimum is one achievable by the “average” student.  We believe Honors students are well above average, able to develop challenging and interesting paths to graduation, and to take advantage of the flexibility membership in the Honors program provides.

Academic Advisers play an important role in Honors, assisting students in planning their Programs of Study, encouraging them to have a deeper engagement in their education at Iowa State, and guiding them to the courses, people, and experiences that will help them achieve their academic goals. Advising Honors students involves additional advising processes, but we hope these lead to rewarding conversations and mentoring relationships. Many advisers consider working with Honors students to be a highlight of their work.

There are several times we ask Academic Advisers to review, discuss and/or approve components of the Honors Program curriculum:

  • First-Year Honors Program (FHP) Program of Study Assignment: All FHP students are required to develop a preliminary four-year academic plan as part of their Honors 121 First-Year Seminar. We ask that you review the student’s plan to assure their degree program requirements are met. We check for their Honors Program requirements. You can see the assignment and forms here.
  • University Honors Program (UHP) Application: for students applying to join the Honors Program after entering ISU. (Students who participate in FHP and meet eligibility requirement join UHP via another process) Advisers are asked to review and discuss the student’s Statement of Purpose. Eligibility requirements and a link to the application form can be found here
  • Program of Study: Many colleges require the academic adviser to review and approve students’ formal Program of Study, another chance to talk to students about goals and how they are choosing to construct their academic programs. Students’ Honors requirements are detailed on the College Honors Requirements pages.
  • Honors Project Forms: Advisers will sign acknowledgement of students’ Honors Project Proposals and the forms filed after their projects have been presented. Students will often seek your advice as they develop ideas for the project.