First-Year Honors Mentor Program

Each spring semester, FHP students are given the opportunity for first-hand research experience research by working under the guidance of an Iowa State faculty mentor. There are a wide range of research opportunities to choose from involving many disciplines and departments.

Students and faculty mentors are matched through a web-based process that lets you and prospective mentors rank projects, interests and skills. You could work on a project that is in your field of study, pick a topic that helps you decide on a major or explore a field you just enjoy. Students work 3 or 6 hours per week, earning either one or two credits of Hon 290.

Mentor Program Forms

Mentor Program Timetable

  • September: Faculty register and describe their research.

  • October: Students register and preference mentors; mentors review and preference students

  • November: Students & faculty are matched (and sometimes re-matched) on mutual interests; students meet with prospective mentors; complete and submit contracts; register for Hon 290 credit.

  • January: Students begin working with mentors.

  • March: Students meet for a midterm discussion group.

  • April: Projects completed; final evaluations completed.